What is WinterCrest?


When an injury occurs, blood and lymph pool up in and around damaged tissues causing inflammation and swelling. This generally creates a painful bruise and compromises the ability of the blood and lymph to carry toxins away from the injured area, which interferes with healing. The nerves in the traumatized are may have been damaged and may no longer be capable of sending proper signals to the brain. It becomes necessary for surrounding tissues and the rest of the body to step in and assist in the healing process.

We believe WinterCrest is effective because it penetrates quickly and deeply into the damaged area reducing inflammation, swelling, bruising and pain. It supports, sustains and enhances you body’s natural ability to heal itself by increasing blood and lymph flow into and through the damaged area, not allowing it to pool up and cause an ugly, painful bruise. It reduces energy blockages and supports the flow of Healing Energy or “life Ford” into the damaged area along with the necessary nutrients to repair and rebuild the damaged tissue. Your amazing body is healing itself. . . Even without your conscious thought or effort.

Use Wintercrest as your “Warm-up” in a jar before you exercise and as a “Cool Down” in a jar after you exercise. You’ll be amazed at how effective it is. By applying WinterCrest to your muscles before you exercise, you increase blood flow into and through your muscles which warms them up. It also increases the energy available to you muscles while decreasing fatigue and energy drain. It helps protect you muscles from injury allowing you to perform at a high level for a longer period of time with less pain or possibility of injury.

Applying wintercrest before they ran, marathon runners found they were cutting several minutes off their best times. At the Tucson Marathon, one woman reported cutting 12 minutes off her best time. Several running at the St. George Marathon reported being able, for the first time to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Perhaps most significant is that, wherever we go runners are consistently telling us that without WinterCrest they probably couldn’t have even completed their event.

Very few athletic endeavors trash your muscles so thoroughly as running a marathon. If you want to perform better & recover faster… With less pain… Use WinterCrest.

Even the debilitating pain of rheumatism & arthritis may be relieved with this Magical product. Stretched ligaments, sore muscles & bones, bumps, bruises, sprains, spasms, cramps & charley horses. Works best if applied immediately after an injury. It’s your First Aid Kit in a Jar! Use for insect bites & stings, cuts, burns, cold sores, chapped lips, headaches, sore throats, backaches, upset stomach, sinusitis, bursitis, bronchitis & chest colds. May even relieve severe menstrual cramping when applied over the lower abdomen and back. Massage it in & feel the relief flood over the affected area aspain is relieved & healing begins to occur… It’s Fantastic!

The action of WinterCrest is both immediate and effective. It immediately relieves swelling and pain (anti-inflammatory, analgesic). It immediately kills germs, bacteria and viruses that may enter your body through the injured area (anti-septic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral), thereby creating a sterile, supportive environment for healing to occur. It doesn’t matter whether you play basketball, baseball, softball, football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf, track and field or run Marathons. WinterCrest will get you back onto your particular playing field faster and safer than ice because it not only reduces pain…It promotes healing!